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Your Nature Care

Holistic Natural Solutions for Wellness and Balance

Hi, I'm Kelly McGee and I’m a Traditional Naturopath
in Folsom, Louisiana. 

In my practice, I combine skills acquired through my 22 year career in the world of holistic wellness to align patients with their well-being. We work together to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy.

Modalities include RBTI Biological Analysis, Iridology, Herbal Formulas, Nutritional Support, Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy forms - such as Reiki, Polarity and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. 


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Natural Herbs

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach

Contact Me

82343 Highway 25, Suite C
Folsom, LA 70437

985-260-5030 office

504-913-6155 text

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Natural Herbs
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